Malton, Ontario (ON)

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Area Code: 905
Prefix (NXX): 671
Calling outside U.S.: +19056714151
City: Malton
State: Ontario
Usage: Landline
Local Time:
Registrant Company: Bell Canada

905-671-4151 is a Landline phone number operated by the company named Bell Canada and is located in the city of Malton, Ontario. Please check general information, community rating and reports about this phone number. Don't forget to leave your rating and comment about this number, to help us improve our community database. The fact that a phone number is published in here does not automatically mean that it belongs to any predefined category. We would highly recommend using phone books, yellow and white pages, social networks, or other public resources as an additional source to get more accurate information of phone number 9056714151.

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#1 Other

I'm well use to those clowns leaving msg's on my voice mail.  Their head turnip brain, Jason Rice, is quite amusing when he looses his cool.  He'll  opt to rant and rant onto one's voice mail.  Some days he's diplomatic, then many others he acts like a frustrated child.

Now.. Hey Jason, how does it feel knowing that the Statute of Limitation's  is running down on my debt and you'll never see the comission from your client?  Too bad s*cker!  This has been quite entertaining watching you sweat blood and tears over the past several months.

Now for those who are receiving calls from these bozo's, I highly recommend reading up on the "Collection Agencies Act" for Ontario.  Quite informative and all in all, an easy read.

#2 Spammer

I received a call from 9056714151, and I have only had this # for 24 hours, are the getting paid by phone companies just to waste people air time ? ?

#3 Other

Jason Rice is the senior telephone terrorist at MJR – Hence the initials of the firm.

The other people who call are simply high school dropouts that could'nt get a job working at Tim Horton’s; notice that they indicate how “they are calling on Jason’s behalf”.  That’s because none of them are licensed to collect debts in Canada.  That’s right; one requires a license to engage in such a dirty deed in our Country.

For those who would like to know more about Canadian collection agencies, goto: http://www.canadian-money-advi***.ca/ and scan the site.  There is a wealth of knowledge on that site for the average Joe to learn from.

#4 Debt collector

They left a yelling message on my phone today, screaming something about "going soprano" on me... I'm thinking of calling the police. I have no way of paying this and even if I did, I would no way deal with these crazy people... How are they allowed in business?

#5 Debt collector

Debt Collector

#6 Debt collector

these guys don't stop calling....... this one jerk told me that he was from the legal department @ mjr and that they were gonna sue me if i didn't pay..............

#7 Unknown

They call looking for someone who I don't eve know. Totally rude. I've received for than 3 calls from them. Each time telling them it's the wrong number.

They always hang up on me before I can finish my sentence!

#8 Unknown

They keep calling me and bother me,even I told them I'm not the person you guys looking when I said that they didn't wait they hang on me.

#9 Unknown

Collection agencies are only allowed to call on certain days @ certain times. check with your local state/province.... call your city hall for assistance or the cops. If they are calling OUTSIDE of these ALLOWED timeslots, this is illegal. if you can prove it's them, you have a case of harassment.

Again, from MJR collection services.

#10 Other

blow a whistle in their ear when they call!  Stick the receiver under a pillow after answering it and see how long it takes them to hang up!  Ask them if they've 'heard the Word' and start reading to them from the bible.  I keep a copy near the phone for just such occasions.  I've branched out and have the Qur'an and the book of Mormon too!  Do NOT give them the satisfaction of making you upset.  Or, hell, tell them you filed for bankruptcy and laugh your butt off that they won't get a penny.  There are so many opportunities to have fun with these people!

#11 Debt collector

Hello All,

I find these posts disturbing. What I don’t understand is how you people can sit there writing all these post to complain about collection agencies? Why are you in one in the first place?  If someone owed you money and you called to ask where it was and they said they weren’t paying you, what would you do or say? Common people, take responsibility for YOUR actions, instead of blaming collection agencies, blame the person who got you into this mess…YOURSELF!!! Where do you think the world would be if nobody paid their bills? We would all be screwed. It’s inevitable that we all have to go to work and pay our bills. The longer it takes for you to accept that the longer you will be in debt and if cooperate with them you will have a pleasant experience. So to everyone who is a chronic complainer with Collection agencies, get off your [***], get a job and pay your bills then you won’t have collections calling you, it’s a simple as that. Let’s say it again shall we…if you want them to stop calling, you pay your bill. Yes it’s that simple!!! You too could be out of debt if you follow the simple instructions…to pay your bill. And for those who cannot afford to pay it in full, because we all know not everyone is a deadbeat and there are actually people out there who have hit a hard spot, that’s when you would make a payment arrangement with your collector. We are all human and that is their job, have some respect!

#12 Other

Collectors using the rude/aggressive modus, or the reasonable/psychological approach.

Well, a weak attempt at psychology anyway.

Cupcake, people don't post here for the reasons you attempt to get over.  They share information for the purpose of helping and protecting themselves and others from the nuisances of the world.  If bill collectors played by the rules there wouldn't be any need for this forum.  Stop making a [***] out of yourself and people will stop bashing you.

#13 Other

alex cooper  the [***] dude keeps calling...905 671 4151

#14 Other

MJR seem to employ people with no manners and absolutely no listening skills.
FOUR times I have written to them with documentation showing I owe absolutely nothing to the company that they are trying to collect from. I have provided a copy of their apology and the report from the BBB. Yet still they write and they call, oh boy do they call.
Bunch of parasites.

#15 Unknown

This number is a collector of some sort for a low-brow company. Never a human on the other end, just a machine. I installed this program today and it blocked this number after I blacklisted it. Sweet! No more calls! :)

#16 unknown

They call non stop and when i answer it is their answering machine.

#17 Other


#18 Call centre

financial services cold calls

#19 Spammer

They call and never say anything they just call and hang up....very irritating

#20 Aggressive advertising

telemarketer, a fake one, what's worse than that?

#21 Unknown

MJR Consultants has been calling me every day, 3 times a day from varies phone numbers but the main one is 1-905-671-4151. I have a squeaky clean credit rating. I have been telling them to leave me along for years...almost 5 to be exact. They can't even provide me with a copy of whatever it is that they say I owe. They should be fined and slapped with charges for the stuff they say to you on the phone. I would never talk to someone the way they do.

#22 Debt collector

My wife received 2 calls from some woman from 905-671-4151, appearantly looking for my nephew. After the first call, I checked the # on Canada411 and found it was MJR Collection Services in Mississauga, so I advised my wife that if they call again, tell them you have no clue where the nephew is. (I have not seen him in over 9 years and my wife has never met him!), and that we don't want them calling here again. Sure enough they called again and they were told not to call back.
Yesterday morning I took a call coming from that same # and the woman asked for (my nephew). I said,"Look, you people have been asked nicely not to bother us. I have not seen him in over 9 years and you have been told that! So stop harassing us! Any further calls will be considered harassment and you will be hearing from my lawyer....Got it?? Write it down!! Tell all your friends. DON'T CALL HERE AGAIN!!" and then I hung up.
In less than 5 seconds the phone rings again....call display showing the same #. I answer the phone, "What????" She says to me, "Is that they way you answer your phone? What?I says, "Only when I am being harrassed! What part of our conversation did you not understand??"
She says, "Don't you try and tell me you dont know him..." I cut her off and told her I never said that but reitterated that I've not seen him in 9 years and that I don't know where he is and really don't care where he is.
She starts in about how he's my brothers' son and.....blah blah! By this time I had already removed the phone from my ear, and held it in front of me, told her to 'f'-off and hung up the phone.
Another 5 seconds go by and the phone rings again.....same #!! Guess she had second thoughts because it only rang twice, then went silent. Too bad really because I had a pen and paper with me and wanted to get her name and her supervisors name and the name of the company she works for...(and by law she has to give that info) I wanted to know who to name in the suit.
We then put a call-block on our phone for that #.

#23 Other

You are a complete loser!  How can you sit there and write and rant and tell someone to get a job???  You don't know their situation.  You think you might.  Do you know me???  Didn't think so!  I am a hard working honest individual that at one time before the economy took a dump, grossed over $450,000 a year.  Now I am on the verge of bankruptcy.  At one time I was everyone's best friend, cause I had money.  Now that I am broke, and not because of any fault of mine I am treated like a low life thats avoiding paying the bills I once paid in full.  The line of work I have been in for the past fifteen years has taken a big hit, and I am trying to retrain for something else, but I am so broke that might not get to happen.  So I suggest you get off your high horse, and stop telling others what to do until you fully understand the circumstances surrounding why they can't pay their bills.  And yes, I am employed and still don't make enough to cover the debt I am in.  Have a nice life Mr. Get a Job!!!

#24 Debt collector

MJR Collection agency keeps calling here. They are calling for a person who does not live here any more.MJR has been told that the person does not live here and not to call back to our number. They have been calling for almost a year with different agents calling. The last agent to call. Call yeatersday Jan 12/09 and was rude, harrasing, and threatened to keep calling. She did exactly what she said she would she called again today Jan13/09 @ 8:53am. If this is not harrasment I don't know what is. By now everyone @ MJR should know that the person they arte looking for. Has not lived here for quite a while. Plus MJR employees and management should know by now that they are not suppose to call our number 519-846-2925.
Sincerely Tim Bergin

#25 Other

repeated blank calls

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typical scam saying lawsuit under my name, need me to get back to him immediately etc.

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Sounds like a total scam, just got the same call, asked me to call back at the same number. Sounds like it's trying to leave a voicemail and scare you.

This number called me many times in the morning, and there were no response when I picked up the phone.

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Apparently, I've committed tax fraud. But the CRA assured me I can pay in iTunes gift cards! LOL.
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Do these people actually have the ability to take someone to court ??? Due to some money issues I have not been able to pay bills beyond my basic daily needs....working on getting it straight with the CC company themselves but getting constant calls from D&A telling me I will be served court papers and that I will be "screwed" over.

unsolicited moron that can't put two words together

LOL...A guy named Gord keeps calling about a credit card with a bank I've never dealt with. I've told him 3x that they have the wrong person, he told me I had to call the bank and verify that the account wasn't mine...what a joke, and he still calls EVERYDAY!!!

Recorded electronic voice. It must be a fraud call

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