Unionville, Ontario (ON)

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Area Code: 905
Prefix (NXX): 413
Calling outside U.S.: +19054138629
City: Unionville
State: Ontario
Usage: Landline
Local Time: Eastern (GMT -05:00)
Registrant Company: Bell Canada

905-413-8629 is a Landline phone number operated by the company named Bell Canada and is located in the city of Unionville, Ontario. Please check general information, community rating and reports about this phone number. Don't forget to leave your rating and comment about this number, to help us improve our community database. The fact that a phone number is published in here does not automatically mean that it belongs to any predefined category. We would highly recommend using phone books, yellow and white pages, social networks, or other public resources as an additional source to get more accurate information of phone number 9054138629.

Comments for 9054138629

#1 Scam call

Global Credit calling for bell aliant due to unpaid bill

#2 Debt collector

[***] called me today. I just got this cellphone number today and have no idea who they are calling for. I advised them that I do not know the person in question and that further harassment will lead to legal action.

#3 Other

Left a voice message saying that they needed to speak to me right away. Sounded urgent but left no name nor call back number.

#4 Scam call

debt SCAM. do not reply to them

#5 Debt collector

It's a collection agency!
ppl don't pay their bills - they duck and run - change phone numbers - these agencies call to
gather information. the reason for the vague responses from the representatives is because each
delinquent/unpaid account is seen as a case or file. Information about the individual in question
can not be exposed to a 3rd party...
According to their website, they will stop the calls upon request.

#6 Debt collector

I've beengetting calls from these people as many as 6 times a day. I have no outstanding debt so whom everthey are looking for its not me. It's a recording that continues to fill up my answering machine. I've gone to thier website for contact info no such luck. I wish they would just dry up and go away. Nothing like taking a chemo treatment and having the phone wake you up a half dozen times with their lovely nonsence!

#7 Telemarketer

recorded message that says 'due to federal and provincial legislation cannot disclose any further information until we speak to you...'   (yeah right)  with no mention of who is calling and asks to press a key now to connect to them.
anyone else receiving this message?

#8 Scam call

Just got a call from them.  Sounded like total bullsh*t... there was a recording, with my name inserted into the recorded male voice.  Don't know what this is about... funny thing is that they called my cell phone, which I do not have listed with any creditor... so I am thinking that this is bogus.  Regardless, I hung up.  That was the 1st call I have received from them.

#9 Other

Just got a call from them.  Sounded like total bullsh*t... there was a recording, with my name inserted into the recorded male voice.  Don't know what this is about... funny thing is that they called my cell phone, which I do not have listed with any creditor... so I am thinking that this is bogus.  Regardless, I hung up.  

That was the 1st call I have received from them.

#10 Other

They keep calling here and I want it to stop I have health issues and keep sleeping alot and they keep disturbing me. STOP

#11 Debt collector

Unfortunately this is a legitmate collections agency. They told me who they were collecting for and had the amount correct too.

#12 Other

i recesve dat number avri day y im tire to resive dat phonne calle plesse make dat stop

#13 Other

I've been receiving calls for weeks. Mostly I don't answer, but 3 times I have. It's for someone who isn't me, when I tell them this they hang up on me, accuse me of being wrong (because I answered the time before) and now have decided to switch to calling at 5:45 am. Unprofessional, and once they left a message which sounded extremely fake, with random noises in with the name they were looking for.

#14 Other

OMG, I keep receiving calls from this number everyday.  I just hang up.  What do they want from me????

#15 Other

I just got this call tonight asking for my daughter. When I said she wasn't home and is there a message, she said no and hung up. My daughter went to university in Kingston, Ont. and I'm wondering if somehow they got her contact number from the university records. That is the only way I can think of that they got our number. So, someone at her former university may have access or sold contact lists to these scam artists. The university needs to do an investigation.

Did anyone else go to university in KIngston, Ont. who got these calls? There must be a common link there somewhere.

#16 Debt collector

I've been getting calls from these guys for my son for weeks now.  In fact, I've received 37 messages from them since May 25th.  They're averaging three calls a day (that they leave messages on) and on some days I have FIVE messages.  Between 8,41am and 9.30am today (a Saturday) they called FOUR times.
If anyone has info on their compliance department, I'd appreciate it as this is beyond unacceptable, not to mention in gross contravention of the Collections Act.

#17 Scam call

Recorded message sounds official: "Federal regulations prevent us from disclosing any further information about this call, please press 1.  Get real scammers, get a life, get a job and quite stealing from others. The trusting nature of the good people is what you are exploiting, it is no wonder that people will not step forward to help others.While I have entered unknown for the call, it was most likely a debt scam.

#18 Debt collector

Yup, this is Global Collection Inc. They handle accounts for Virgin, Bell, and a few other subsidiary companies. For as long as they're calling for you/your son, his (or your) credit rating is being absolutely destroyed. Even if you argue with them and they end up closing your account, that note goes on your credit report, and looks even worse to anyone you might try to get a loan from in the future.

#19 Other

We get same message as first poster about federal and provincial gov't.
We live in Alberta and do not owe anyone anything, nor have we ever claimed bankruptcy so NO debt collerctors should be calling our home.
I have been getting these phone calls up to four-five times per day.
I have the ability to block numbers but this one continues to ring through. I am contacted my telephone provider today to see why.
They called again at 8 am this morning, and my husband got someone on line who asked for unknown person. He said no one by that name lived here.
I am so tired of this idiots phoning our home and disrupting our privacy and peace.

#20 Other

I keeep thinking that it's the RCMP or police department .. Or is it just debt collectors?

#21 Debt collector

This number is a scam. I received a voice mail from a man, claiming to be from "Global Credit." He left a phone number, 18773423268, which if you do a google search is from a known telemarketer scam. Don't pick up! They're just phishing for money!

#22 Other

this is a scam of  some  sort  as  the  number  just  called me and i  didnt  answer it  and i called  back  and  they said a name  that  started w ith  a "A" was some pakistani that  answered

#23 Other

My daughter has gotten this message from three different numbers! I blocked one, but they just keep changing the number...weird.

#24 Other

I have been recieveing these calls from 905-413-8629  for weeks now I had enough to deal with my mom was terminally ill and they would call  and I would run to the phone thinking my mom may have passed ...they would tie up my phone line and i could be missing that call! and i just recieved another today and my aunt is in hospital in serious condition and I dont need my phoneline tied up there has to be something we can do to stop this! does anyone know?

#25 Scam call

These guys were calling me about an account that was real old. You can't expect me to pay for something from 5 years ago!!!   I tried talking to them but they didn't seem to get it.   I googled their company name "Global Credit" and found their website.  I sent a request to stop bugging me.  A manager called me back a couple days   later and told me they were closing my account.     The website is http://www.globalcollection.net

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This is a scam #, left a message to call again to me with or I'd need an lawyer. ********SCAM***********

dr*gs for sale

They called my cell, left a VM , mentioning they are calling from CRA, I owe them money. To call them back or they will arrest me.

one beep only

I texted this number back after receiving 5 phone calls from this number and they responded by asking me who I am, I then proceeded to ask who they were since they've already called me 5 times and then they sent a text saying I was rude? All very weird. Avoid this number.

It was Revenue Canada when I dont call them back and theyre likely to issue an arrest warrant.

Just keeps calling and calling no matter the time if day or night.

Campaign Research calling 2 times and not leaving messages. Pretty sure I've already told them not to call. I told them again tonight.

fkkkkkkkkkkk off donkey

Left a voicemail saying they'll issue an arrest warrant if not called back.

I received a call from this number. It was a recording saying that it was the Canada Revenue Agency and I had to call them back to this number otherwise they will arrest me, blablabla! I can not believe that people get caught again by this kind of message

Claimed to be a call for a final notice from federal treasury. Definitely a scam, don't answer or call back.

They called my husband today with simple yes-no questions. And he answered yes for some. My god, I asked him to end that call right away.
Guys, be very careful with your voice "YES".
We don't know what happen!

Report as Microsoft support. trying to have you install anydesk software to remove a subscription from your computer. Its a scam and your computer will be compromised if you allow it. If they actually had your bank card, they would simply process the charge. You just deal with your bank to correct that

Some machine speaking in Chinese?

They are annoying
they don't understand DO NOT CALL BACK

after calling 5 or 6 times i told them i get a call back you will be sued

Again they called...Leave me alone!!!

He said he is from Canada Revenue Agency. He would arrest me if I don't call him back.
This is a scam. Don't fall into the trap.

they say they're going to remove my number because it's wrong number for who they're looking for but they never do.

Left a message in Mandarin in my mobile suggest a bundle from govt for me by which I have no coping with govt in any respect.

Claims to be from the revenue agency, wants you to call back to another number to "discuss" a fraud case they supposedly have against you.

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