Cooksville, Ontario (ON)

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Area Code: 905
Prefix (NXX): 281
Calling outside U.S.: +19052811282
City: Cooksville
State: Ontario
Usage: Landline
Local Time:
Registrant Company: Bell Canada

905-281-1282 is a Landline phone number operated by the company named Bell Canada and is located in the city of Cooksville, Ontario. Please check general information, community rating and reports about this phone number. Don't forget to leave your rating and comment about this number, to help us improve our community database. The fact that a phone number is published in here does not automatically mean that it belongs to any predefined category. We would highly recommend using phone books, yellow and white pages, social networks, or other public resources as an additional source to get more accurate information of phone number 9052811282.

Comments for 9052811282

#1 Other

Taped message starting with " you have been chosen to....". But this morning I felt like venting at someone and let loose with language that would make a sailor blush. They stopped the tape and hung up. An hour later same idiot calls ... but this time no taped message. Guess they were longing to hear more about what I thought they regularly did to their mother and more. They listened a long time and then hung up.
This would be about the 4th call I've had from these criminals - wherever they may be located.

I notice that the number is used to execute various scams (the computer error message thing, credit card theft, etc). It makes me think this number is spoofed or something.

#2 Other

These people keep calling even after you request to be removed from their calling list

#3 Other

No Answer. What a [***] company. Stop phoning me.

#4 Other

It goes:  This is a public service announcemtn .... we can wipe out all your debt .... press 1 .... Then I shouted at the top of my voice - must have given him an earful - Ha Ha

#5 Scam call

This telephone number 905-281-1282 has identified himself as a computer technician responding to a call that I've made regarding a problem with my computer. A what? I asked him. Mam, you reported a problem with your computer and I need to access it in order to fix the problem, he said. Oh Really? A problem that I reported, and are you sure about that? And who are you, what is your name? (no answer). And where are you calling from? (no answer). What is your telephone number? (no answer)....Then he said he didn't remember it and I must look at my telephone, then repeat it to him so he could remember. DA, this is Canada buddy, we don't play games here. How much trouble can 1 computer give, because this is the 3rd time within 2 weeks that I've had a call from your jerks. Is there someone there that speaks English, so I can say NO to them and they can explain it to you? I guess he didn't like me questioning his broken English language comprehension so he called me F--ing woman. I just had to tell him that it's unfortunate that Canada allows all kind of degenerate scum from 3rd world countries into Canada, and that I think he'd be happier back in his own country, and when was he planning on leaving? Look Buddy, I've forgotten more than you will ever remember.

#6 Other

Got a call this AM from this number about them helping us become debit free. SAMANTHA was asked to ensure that our number be removed from their calling list but apparently she has no last  name, no supervisor and works in a fairly busy office. She found it necessary to hang up before we'd finished telling her about how annoyed we get when we get this type of call from people with no last name , no supervisor and no address where we might send a snail mail letter telling them to get lost.

#7 Other

called but did not leave message

#8 Other

Hey, 'Pissed Off'
I just signed up with our phone company / a service to block numbers from ringing. Well guess what 'the service is not available for that number" (905-281-1282). How mysterious!!!!

....so I must know. What is the new phone I need to buy??


#9 Other

First, Mr. Willabie, the reason your call block didn't work is because this number is not in service. Reason? The caller, some fake company in some place, is using digital phone equipment and they are spoofing their caller ID. That means they tell the software to put a fake number as their caller ID. There is nothing can be done. They are scammers attempting to get credit card numbers to charge for their fake services. They can't be traced (I've tried CRTC, FCC and my own phone company to locate these people). Ignore the calls. They do not follow telecommunications laws as they are a fake company trying to rip people off.
Pick up, hang up. Done.

#10 Other

I thought there was a law against this in Canada...

#11 Other

Yup....they're going to consolidate and erase all my debt. Press 1 to speak with a representative now or press 2 to be removed from this list. After not pressing and waiting for an operator to answer so I could inform them that I'm on the national 'do not call list', the line just went dead.

#12 Spammer

Constant harrassment. We were away for 2 weeks and there were these blank voice mails every second day!! We are on the no call list and yet ...!!!

#13 Other

I called the number back and it says its not in service.  How is this possible if they just called my number?  If this is a 905 number Bell Canada should be responsible for someone using a loop number.

#14 Other

Dear friend, can you let me know from where I  can get this type of phone. I live in B.C. Canada
Thank you.

#15 Spammer

I was called at 12.18 pm. I called this number back and it said "this # is not in service" You know people, They can fake caller id's. BE AWARE!

#16 Other

had a same call, but not left message, ignore it.

#17 Other

I did not answer, if important or legit, they leave a message. DNCL does not work, just a way to get your phone number especially those not listed.

#18 Telemarketer

Just got a call from them wanting to reduce my credit card debt. "Ray" was the caller. I asked for their number. He "said" it was 925 255 2145, My call display shows 905 281 1282. I should have checked the call display first before filing a complaint with the CRTC. I'm also on the National DO NOT!!!!!!!!!!! call list. These people just ingnore the rules. Everyone needs to start filing complaints with the CRTC. So what gets done here? Does anyone investigate our complaints?


#19 Other

No message left

#20 Other

I have been recieving a lot of calls to consolidate debt etc.
I do not want these on my phone.
Last number was 1 905 281-1282

#21 Telemarketer

They called again and left no message.

ReCap: Call is from a landline in Cooksville, ON... southeast of Mississauga, ON.

Tip for everyone:
Put them on the Canadian Do-Not-Call registry and subscribe to Call Blocking or upgrade all your phones to Call Blocking feature.

#22 Spammer

Welcome to my shaw phone blocked call list ;-)

#23 Other

I just received a call but they would not leave a message on my machine.

#24 Other

Several people are telling you that thye have, and were alreasdy on that list, and it does not work!

#25 Other

The call started with an extremely rude man telling me that I have computer problems that have been reported, and he could help me if I allowed him access to my computer and see what the problem was.  

I told him that this type of call has been tried before and it didn't work the first time, so why would he waste his time calling back from the same telephone number. Needless to say, I didn't give it but I did ask for his telephone number so I could verify his truthfulness.  He told me he didn't remember it. Please ask your co-worker.  He wouldn't but my telephone captured the call. He responded by calling me an F--king woman.  I told him that swearing at women only shows him up to be the degenerate and ignorant scum that he is.

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recieved a call from this number.  it was a relative calling from another country from a cell phone.  not sure why it showed up with this number from canada, but they were not in canada.  maybe the carrier goes thru there????  at least now i know who it is

Scam call claiming to be a revenue agency saying must call back otherwise there will be consequences

This number calls my work number and it is directed through our kitchen phone number so it pops up 'Kitchen'. No one here is prank calling me and i looked i up and it seems to be Americredit from Canada. How do i make them stop calling my phone?

Keeps calling daily. No message. Hangs up as soon as you pick up.

I used the 800# y'all have provided and called to have my name taken off their list.

Thanks.  Glad I found you.

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unknown caller

Ecellent company did a perfect job

I just got a call from this number to my cell phone.

Text message with fake e-transfer url, don't click on it.

Called me using an auto-dialer with a robo voice looking for a "Lyle Smith", my name certainly is NOT Lyle Smith. What, do these jerkasses call every Smith in the book?

I'm pretty sure this is illegal. They didn't identify themselves on the caller ID either.

Called 4 times today and had an automated machine saying there is a warrant and to call back. They also said they belonged to revenue Canada.

Kept cclaling again and again. Telemarketing

Got a phone call on my cell --- call back this # . I jsut hang up my cell phone .

Called at 11:45 pm pacific time. Very irritating.

I just got a call from them too. A voice mail msg saying that it was the second attempt to contact me and I have to go before a judge blah blah same as above^ blah. I say it's a scam too

Phone in English and again. . .says please phone back since it is a crisis

Ya crisis, along with sure. Scam... scam... scam

At least they are not as obnoxious and stupid as your posts that give no useful information.

Said he was a research house and then asked for some one over 18 then asked what year I was born and then just hung up

Vm from robot saying they will block my social security number and I am going to jail

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