Toronto, Ontario (ON)

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Area Code: 647
Prefix (NXX): 788
Calling outside U.S.: +16477883904
City: Toronto
State: Ontario
Usage: Landline
Local Time: Eastern (GMT -05:00)
Registrant Company: Telus Integrated Communications

647-788-3904 is a Landline phone number operated by the company named Telus Integrated Communications and is located in the city of Toronto, Ontario. Please check general information, community rating and reports about this phone number. Don't forget to leave your rating and comment about this number, to help us improve our community database. The fact that a phone number is published in here does not automatically mean that it belongs to any predefined category. We would highly recommend using phone books, yellow and white pages, social networks, or other public resources as an additional source to get more accurate information of phone number 6477883904.

Comments for 6477883904

#1 Other

Thanks lol

#2 Telemarketer

annoying telemarketers

#3 Fax machine

Calls all day long and it sounds like a fax when u pick it up. It's very annoying and I can't seem to get them to stop!!

#4 Telemarketer

They try with different numbers over and over

#5 Unknown

Calls twice a day everyday

#6 Unknown


#7 Harassment calls

Stopp you crazy KKK

#8 Unknown


#9 Unsolicited call

calling abour a debt thats not yours

#10 Debt collector

calls all hours and bad indian accent...hello my name js mike...lol

#11 Nuisance call

Do not bother to answer

#12 Scam suspicion

They've been calling me over and over for last  2 year.s.

It is CBV Collections ....A Fraudulent "Boiler Room"
Operation which harasses people over the phone .
They extort money while pretending to be legitimate
business and having legitimate claims.

They  frequently change phone numbers
(a fraudulent activity on its own) so you cannot simply
block their number.

They operate from Markham and from
British Columbia...Purely Criminal activity.....relying
on extortion from those gullible enough to pay the

I think the best way to deal with them is to call them
over and over with obscenities and demand to remove
your phone number from they calling list.. They try to
fish for personal information about you.  Never give
them your name.or anything else....
The number to remove from their calling list they
can see on their display.

And the phone number they can get from their display
so they have it anyway. Never give them your name.
or anything else....

Flooding them with the calls actually prevents them
from working... They cannot do anything legally
if you use obscenities.....Call them every few seconds
until they remove your number from their calling

Try to enjoy this kind of reverse harassment....it is
truly healing for the psyche after 10th call.....

And then It is truly fun when you hear them more
and more frustrated. and stressed.
This is the best way to bankrupt this fraudulent

It would be very useful be to post online the details
of the owner and the callers for everybody to see
Perhaps some more frustrated ppl would act on

The other is bringing complaint to police..If enough
complaints will be brought the police willtake a look
on them and file criminal charges against those MOFO's.


TIC TOC TIC TOC.....I know you read this.....This is only beginning you POS

#13 Debt collector

CBV again. never give up. just have to keep blocking every number

#14 Debt collector

CBV Collections - Have called twice today so far. This is the 718th call from them using various numbers to me since April 2019. I bought the new Panasonic Phones that only do not ring when a blocked caller calls, but do log the call. It gives somebody work!

#15 Nuisance call

nuisance call

#16 Unknown

Annoying af.. CBV Collections

#17 Financial services

don't know the number

#18 Scam suspicion

Scammers, they were relentless during the end half of September and early October, multiple calls a day from at least 12 different numbers and never a message left. Calls 5 days a week, blocked every number, now end half of October they try and get one call through once a week but even then I’m not an idiot and don’t pick up Unknown numbers. If it’s important they will leave a message. Scamming season is almost coming to a close until it fires up again near tax season. If you want to face these people head on though answer and basically use the foulest language you can muster up, keep being as rude as you can, never give any info, name, address, nothing. Play games with them, ask them personal questions, never say the word “yes” as they may try and record that and use it against you if they do have your name. Call them back as much as you can and start with obscenities, don’t feel bad they are scum sacks of crap that are trying to scam you so they don’t deserve any type of human decency.

#19 Unknown

Call middle of the night and everything

#20 Scam suspicion

Phoned about 5-6 times a day while I was at work and called as early as 7am and as late as 8pm.  Finally , was able to answer and the person calling had a thick accent, and asked for someone, but I couldn't understand.  I had a robot voice leave  a message asking me for info in order to get a refund for something I never bought.

#21 Debt collector

Here's what will really blow your mind:
647-788-3904 (among other numbers)

Considering any number can be spoofed these days, is it possible it's not even CBV that is calling? I think so, although for what purpose I don't know.

They never leave a message, yet obviously it's important enough to call multiple times a day hoping to speak with someone I imagine.
I figure if it's important enough, they will send a letter in the mail.
Unless of course they don't have an address - that's too bad for them.

I don't carry debt - but that's none of their business as they'd likely love to try to get anyone to pay someone else's debt and I don't feel like revealing any information to a complete stranger.

#22 Other

these are international terrorists who prepare to put a bomb under a bridge somwehere in Canada

#23 Debt collector

keep on calling

#24 Unknown

Cvb collections...another # to block!

#25 Debt collector

I get about 20 calls a day from them.  It's about $22.60 Bell Canada says I own them.  I say BS.    I cancelled my service with them are they were over charing me each month and I got tired of calling every month and being on hold for up to 50 mins, and this is the callulated amount they over charged me.  They can kiss my lilly white a$$

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Caution in computers warned computer was entered. Asked me to call a number instantly.
I deleted.

S-C-A-M. Great tip: if something or someone needed to talk you about something important, YOU WOULD GET A LETTER IN THE MAIL or your local town/city woulld contact you.

i got a call from this number an want to know why the person wont pick up just lets it ring then sits on the phone an hangs up

aktiv kapital calling, be really careful with these guys, do not respond or confirm personal info, my understanding is they can become very threatening and hostile, you may find them poking around your credit history as well, google "aktiv kapital complaints" and educate yourself

Called for Duct Cleaning Aug 29, 2019 but today i called the number by error and it is out of service. Beware.

Got same call from same number today.  Clearly a scam.  Ignore/block or report this tool

From Cornwall the CRA? I don't live in ON also they left me a code on my answering machine with a feminine voice repeating the code really weird!

This was a call from supposedly Canada Revenue telling me there is a lawsuit against me and if I don't call back immediately I will be arrested.  They however forgot to tell me what number I am suppose to call.

Immigration expert

This number calls about twice a day.  They hang up about 10 -15 seconds after I say "hello".  I called back the number and it's "Ontario Homes".  These calls are annoying.  They need to stop!!!

I got the same call.

Jenny, Jenny

Debt collector

Received same call saying there is a fraud case against us. Tried calling the number, after 8 rings it automatically hangs up.

number continuously calls an no vm and line is blank

This number has been calling me for a few days but they don’t leave messages

This number calls me all the time so who the hell are u

These third party collectors are [***] they think by calling from different numbers I'll pick up they never leave a message call anywhere from twice to 25 times a day, they must be dumb . I know it's for my student loan from 15 years ago, that I ve been paying as much as I possibly can,  they take my tax returns every year.  I don't know what else they want.

wtf? I was on the phone earlier with RBC talking about getting overdraft but I have a bill in collections and the woman explained that would be an issue (don't judge) anyway a few hours i get a call about debt consolidation? hoping this is a coincidence cause I am pissed if they gave my number out..  

this is my voip line, is my line being monitored?? how the hell they know im in debt?  the day I talked about it over the phone with Royal Bank  lol I am being paranoid aren't I?  but man what are the odds? never had a call ever from them before until today..   Weird or what?

CRA scam and threat to arrest you by RCMP.

Nuisance Mktg

Caller location