Ottawa, Ontario (ON)

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Area Code: 613
Prefix (NXX): 482
Calling outside U.S.: +16134823940
City: Ottawa
State: Ontario
Usage: Landline
Local Time: Eastern (GMT -05:00)
Registrant Company: Rogers Communications Canada Inc. (Wireless)

613-482-3940 is a Landline phone number operated by the company named Rogers Communications Canada Inc. (Wireless) and is located in the city of Ottawa, Ontario. Please check general information, community rating and reports about this phone number. Don't forget to leave your rating and comment about this number, to help us improve our community database. The fact that a phone number is published in here does not automatically mean that it belongs to any predefined category. We would highly recommend using phone books, yellow and white pages, social networks, or other public resources as an additional source to get more accurate information of phone number 6134823940.

Comments for 6134823940

#1 Telemarketer


#2 Telemarketer

Block calls from this number

#3 Unknown

Called my elderly disabled mother three times in a row. What is wrong with people????

#4 Fax machine

Faxed two blank pieces of paper to my fax machine.

#5 Fax machine

First this # at 3:21 am (sound of fax when answered). Then, at 3:28 am 618-482-3937 (fax). Did not answer third call. Annoying, especially considering time of morning. Very disturbing

#6 Scam call

I am getting call from this number since yesterday - they called 5 in the morning for three times. it’s a harrasment  - Destroying your ability to work next day - it’s an attack on your legal rights to have a telephone - government has to take action against these type of callers - this type of scam has potential to destroying people’s ability to perform and hence affect efficiency of whole society -

#7 Fax machine

It's a fax machine!!

#8 Unknown

Keeps calling.  Loud beeping sound

#9 Fax machine

I have left a message and asked them to stop calling....did not work.

#10 Call centre

I work at a regional E-911 Emergency Call Center in western Massachusetts USA and have been receiving several of these toned calls. Appears to be a fax machine that was miscalled. Unable to call the number back.

#11 Fax machine

Our Caller Display showed ONTARIO or UNKNOWN NAME 613-482-3940. It called at 10.05, 10.21 & 10.29 today basically three times in 24 minutes. It didn't ring as we blocked it ages ago. Has anyone else noticed these nuisance calls are often repeated upto 3 times in close succession. Also other pest numbers often jump right in there on the same day. Like todays other pest 215-717-8782 (Pennsylvania). All of these numbers are blocked.

#12 Fax machine

Our caller display showed Ontario 613-482-3937 it tried to ring at 11:17 & 11:24 followed shortly by 613-482-3940 at 11.32. Real nuisances. All blocked ages ago.

#13 Fax machine

Caller Display showed UNKNOWN NAME 613-482-3940. This number called us at home. Its a Fax Machine. We don't have a Fax so number now blocked.

#14 Fax machine

Calling a lab phone?! (We are a research lab)

#15 Unwanted

When you call the number back, you get J2 Global. I believe this number originates in Canada. There is a recording asking you to leave a message for their "Do Not Call" list.

#16 Robocall

I blocked the number but had repeated calls at all hours. I finally called back and they have a DO NOT CALL option, which I selected. I HAVEN'T HAD A CALL SINCE :)

#17 Fax machine

This is a fax number that keeps calling our business line. When I called the number back I was able to leave a message telling them to remove our number. We'll see if it works

#18 Fax machine

I tried to fax this number, because we also keep getting calls on our business lines and it is a fax tone when we answer, and when the fax rings through on their end it gets a busy signal!!

#19 Fax machine

multiple calls in 12 hours. Fax tone... so annoying! When I call back it's the J2Global abuse report line. Seriously?

#20 Unknown

"OTTAWA, ON" called my business twice yesterday, 30 seconds apart, but I'm already blocking all numbers starting with 613-482 through our v***.ms account portal they get an immediate hang-up when they call and I don't even hear the phone ring.

#21 Fax machine

request in clear and polite tone and language that they remove your number, say your number clearly and repeat it once. write down the time and date of the call. If they call you again you then call the police department in their area and place a harassment complaint against them. I did this to a fax advertiser in the London Ontario area, I cited the CRTC rules to the officer that the advertiser was breaking,,, and he never called again, probably shocked the crap out of them having police show up at the door.
As soon as I figure out who this clown is I will do the same again.

The rules are clear and available on the CRTC website

#22 Fax machine

Same here the number called me back to back... then when I blocked it  - a different variation of the cumber called me BACK!  Its 613-482-3937.   It has harassed me all morning.

#23 Nuisance call

call blocking software hangs up on it but it keeps calling every 10 minutes

#24 Unknown


#25 Fax machine

Caller Display showed Ontario 613-482-3940. This number called us at home 7 minutes after the last time it called. Its a Fax Machine. It didn't ring because it was blocked.

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They called but did not leave a message.

Scam. Answer but they just hang up

Tax fraud scam

dont pick up

Scam, obviously not Revenue Canada. The CRA will never phone or email you without having mailed a bill requiring immediate payment, nor will they ask for a debit or credit card number through email or phone. Hang up block and asap, hes aggressive.

Tax problem. claimed needed address for RCMP to arrest me for tax problems . interference on both phones called three ttimes when asked if this is a scam. I was hung up on.i gave them my tax consultants name. m.a. consulting. should i report this to the RCMP

Another scam caller this time from Canada. Unless you call your cell provider and block it through voice mail they can still leave message as i goes directly to that.

**Not dumb *

Called asserted to become CRA officer and has been stating I needed to cover to avoid prison time. South Asian male with the the Eric. Lol. Reported call to the RCMP.

This number called me and I didn't pick up because I didn't recognize the phone number when I check the message it was a computer-generated voice telling me to call this number back right away if I do not call this number back there will be a warrant for my arrest and I will come and arrest you. Some nerve but I know it's a scam because I don't have a record and I've never been in trouble. But curiously enough just before I got this call I had seven other calls with numbers with a plus sign in front of them and it just kept calling and calling so I blocked the numbers and they would pick another number with a + in front of it altogether I have 12 numbers blocked with a plus in front of it

Just got fax from Wall Street Global wants to open up negotiations to buy my company. Wants me to call Brian O'Donnell, has my company name and adress. Don't know if trying to drum up business or scam.

received first call on November 5 at 8:12 am - 2019 and second one on November 6 at 10:36 am about my Visa card that there was 2 transaction and to press 9 to speak to a representative to cancel my card but I don't have a Visa card

Demanded to talk over a "time sensitive" matter with several threats about taking us to court if we do not call back. Sadly, CRA has specific procedures and fines outlined in the Tax Act.

called, and just kept saying, "hello" as though she couldn't hear me.  Yelled take me off your call list and hung up

Just received the phone call from this number too. They left a voicemail with the same information, saying that I will be arrested if I will not give a callback. Scammers

1st msg - Officer Foster, last week / 2nd msg - Officer James Morrison, known as today again.
CRA hoax - want this jerk with an Asian accent would stop calling, with British (original & surnames) names and referencing a call from my lawyer would bugger off!

Got same message as everyone else, I think..." Bro...here's the hook up site...tons of action...way easier than POF...get laid for sure."

Whoever hires this company for debt collection is wasting their money. This is a massively stupid company that repeatedly makes telephone calls for people who don't even exist.

You seriously thought that it was going to tell you where this call center in India is?  What's that saying? "There's a s*cker born every minute"

share your experience to other users

Few numbers continue phoning and leaving threatening messages" Should I dont hear from you, youre gont be detained" or anything like that

FTC complaints

613-482-3940 got 201 reports with the FTC. These were reported by consumers from California, Pennsylvania, Florida, Washington, Vermont, Indiana and 30 other states. The distribution by states and cities of the aforementioned complaints is shown below.


Grand Terrace, San Francisco, Woodland, Roseville, Irvine, Apple Valley, Eureka, Palm Desert

60 ( 30% )

Lancaster, Fairfield, Nazareth, Mount Morris

16 ( 8% )

Miami, Tampa, Summerland Key, Fort Myers Beach

15 ( 7% )

Seattle, Kirkland, Pasco

15 ( 7% )

South Burlington, Sharon, Montpelier, Colchester

14 ( 7% )

Portland, West Lafayette, Valparaiso, Shelbyville, Delphi

11 ( 5% )

Portland, Eugene, Portand

9 ( 4% )

Sauk Rapids, Maplewood, Moorhead

6 ( 3% )

Winslow, Phoenix

5 ( 2% )
District of Columbia


5 ( 2% )

Washington, Plainfield, Libertyville

5 ( 2% )


5 ( 2% )
New York

Suffern, Glen Cove, Brooklyn

5 ( 2% )
North Carolina

Raleigh, Morrisville, Mount Airy

5 ( 2% )

Marathon, College Station

5 ( 2% )


3 ( 1% )


3 ( 1% )
New Hampshire


3 ( 1% )
New Jersey

Scotch Plains

3 ( 1% )
Rhode Island

Johnston, Warren

3 ( 1% )


2 ( <1% )


2 ( <1% )

Mason, Bessemer

2 ( <1% )


2 ( <1% )
South Carolina

Fountain Inn

2 ( <1% )


2 ( <1% )
West Virginia

Fairmont, Dingess

2 ( <1% )

New Richmond

2 ( <1% )


1 ( <1% )

Scott City

1 ( <1% )


1 ( <1% )


1 ( <1% )

Las Vegas

1 ( <1% )
New Mexico


1 ( <1% )


1 ( <1% )
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Call subjects according to FTC

  • keyboard_arrow_right Dropped call or no message (25)
  • keyboard_arrow_right Calls pretending to be government, businesses, or family and friends (2)
  • keyboard_arrow_right No Subject Provided (126)
  • keyboard_arrow_right Other (48)

Call subjects according to FCC

  • keyboard_arrow_right Unwanted Calls
Last complaint was recorded on 2020-09-24

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