London, Ontario (ON)

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Area Code: 519
Prefix (NXX): 636
Calling outside U.S.: +15196369532
City: London
State: Ontario
Usage: Wireless
Local Time: Eastern (GMT -05:00)
Registrant Company: Rogers Communications Canada Inc. (Wireless)

519-636-9532 is a Wireless phone number operated by the company named Rogers Communications Canada Inc. (Wireless) and is located in the city of London, Ontario. Please check general information, community rating and reports about this phone number. Don't forget to leave your rating and comment about this number, to help us improve our community database. The fact that a phone number is published in here does not automatically mean that it belongs to any predefined category. We would highly recommend using phone books, yellow and white pages, social networks, or other public resources as an additional source to get more accurate information of phone number 5196369532.

Comments for 5196369532

#1 Other

this number continues to call me 3-4 times per day.

#2 Other

Please make this number stop calling

#3 Other

Caller unknown.  Did not leave a message.  This number is now blocked in my phone.

#4 Other

Kitchener, Ontario - 4:30 p.m. Dec 11
Received the call ... A male with a very heavy accent was calling for information to see if I qualified for the ecoENERGY home retrofit grant program.  Since this unsuspecting caller did not know I work in the building and Reno business, I surprised him with the fact that the Government of Canada had closed the ecoENERGY home retrofit grant program two months ahead of its official end date of March 31, 2012.  He abruptly used foul language and hung up on me ... This number will definitely be ignored in the future.

Calls are routed via OCN 8821 on a POI switch located in the London, Ontario area.
WIRELESS Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless).

Many voices in the background, obviously from some call center and from the caller's accent, foreign.

#5 Other

If everyone who is being harassed by this continued calling by this number calls and issues a formal complaint with the CRTC , they will address this issue more actively.

Other option is buying a block caller feature from Bell Canada

#6 Unknown

This call this number has called me 8 times in the last 2 weeks. Since I've been tracking it on the Call Control app, I have received a total of 17 calls since the middle of July 2013.

#7 Telemarketer

Everyday spammer. Telemarketer

#8 Other

this number called two times, both times no one says anything after we say "hello"  ...  did a brief google search and it looks like a number from London, Ontario.      BTW we called it back and it says " caller unavailable at this time"  which means its a cell phone

#9 Other

unwanted calls, they just hang up

#10 Telemarketer

Caller said calling because I am paying too much interest on my mortgage.  When I advised my apr is none of his g*d* business he told me it was his g*d* business, I hung up. He called back and called me a [***]. Not sure what company...but they have great customer service. Tried to call back, but number is unavailable. Sounded like a foreign call center from the accent and the fact he claimed his name was "sam"

#11 Other

calling the CRTC is about as useful as your post

#12 Other

they keep calling - i now have them on CALL BLOCK   good riddance


#13 Unknown

lower home mortgage interest rates below 3%

#14 Spammer


#15 Silent Call

This number keeps calling and i answer, it is silent for afew seconds then a loud click? I call back and it says this cellular number is not assigned hang up and try again? How can they call me if it is not assigned? I have caller ID i can see the #?! Am very annoyed and alittle creeped out!

#16 Spam Call

This number has called me 4 times in the last 5 days now. I reported it to the Fraud Center in Canada and the lady was really nice and helpful. Their number is: 1-888-495-8501. She asked me to try to get as much information from them the next time they call and anything we get helps them build a case against these jerks who are trying to spam or fraud anyone. So please, if you get a call from this number, try to be as patient as possible and without giving them any personal information about you, get some from them...then report them to the number above. Thank you!

#17 Other

I received a call from (516)636-9532.  I answered.  I just heard some music.  I said "hello" a few times, but no one said anything.

#18 Spammer

Never left a voicemail

#19 Unknown

No one said anything. I hung up and called back, Said number not assigned, to check the number and call back.

#20 Other

I received a call from 519-636-9532. A guy, with heavy "indian" accent, intreduced himself as "Harri or Hurri" and claimed that I was entitled of a grant in regard of " .. Power.." from government of Ontario. He followed by asking if I was Mr. such & such and the owner of the house! In return, I asked him if he was a represent of government, crown corp. or private company? He replied, ' private company.' 'Which company?', I asked. He said ok then hung up!!!!!!!

#21 Spammer

Spam always

#22 Other

received call from 519-636-9532 who is this and why are they call my cell. where did they get my number

#23 Other

these people call and want to drop by to do an assessment to see how much of rebate you can get for the power authority rebate.  i asked him for a number to call back and he gave me one in montreal that is a financial consultant.  called this number back above and can't get an answer either.  they said they would call before they come here and already warned everyone to not let them in if they just decide to "show up" anyways.

#24 Spammer

They call at any time of the day. I beleive the last time I answered it was Duct Cleaning. They don't take your name off the call list. They just keep calling

#25 Other

The "Do Not Call List" can only be enforced in Canada, so call centers located outside Canada do not care whether your number is on it or not ... In fact any company can acquire the "Do Not Call List" numbers under the pretense of not calling and still use them from outside Canada.  This list has been misused as just another tool to verify that the numbers are active for solicitation.

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I've been getting calls from this number. I have caller ID on my phone, so I've never answered to see who/what is on the other side. Just sick of getting these calls!

so annoying ..   3  hellos  no  answer ..

This number comes up as TELLCITYHALL.  Its an automated survey company.  They blanket call 647 numbers (largely reserved for Cel. phone service) which is a huge annoyance but otherwise they don't seem more that just a bother.  I wouldn't worry about the call but I also wouldn't waste your time taking it.  I blocked it myself.

very rude and do not know what he is talking.... insane

Did not speak to person as I was expecting a call from Ontario so took the call. It said I was owing the federal government money ... that is where I hung up knowing well my business. The call was made on my cellular and home phone number which I did not answer. Thank you for getting rid of these people.

Absolute Scam...

chinese caller machine

Claimed to be away from Canada Revenue Agency, threatening to arrest me. . .Total SCAM!

I got a call from this number for tax fraud. The guy named himself as Robert Wilson, Investigation Officer from Canada Revenue Agency. First asked my home address to pull my file and later when I started confronting with his info. He hanged the phone.

Pretending to be CRA

This is a CRA Scammer number stating you will be arrested if you don't call back. Say they are from the Crime division of CRA and you have been reassessed and own lots of $$

Called threatening legal action - said if I didnt give them information to deliver my accounts up to 31, their legal team could be in touch. Surely a scam.

and that is the number they use, if you call it back it will take you to The Rogers call centre

Call went to voicemail, no message left.

they are searching data bases and making up names hoping to get a "hit" eg M Smith, "is Makita Smith there" (idiots, pretty small chance of that name in Canada).

Told them if they should ever call again they'd be reported to the fraud squad and federal call block program.

Did not answer but called back and they don’t accept incoming calls

I've blocked that number

visa card scam. Same voice as on other scams. Sounds like a computer generated voice.

Duct cleaning scam.  Strong accent ... almost not understandable.

I got two calls, the ID shown as TRAVEL EXPO, she said that we as a PC optimum card holder, they picked us for a vacation to Hawaii, Honolulu !!!!!!!! Scaaaaaaaaaaamm

this number called two times, both times no one says anything after we say "hello"  ...  did a brief google search and it looks like a number from London, Ontario.      BTW we called it back and it says " caller unavailable at this time"  which means its a cell phone

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