Toronto, Ontario (ON)

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Area Code: 416
Prefix (NXX): 855
Calling outside U.S.: +14168558111
City: Toronto
State: Ontario
Usage: Landline
Local Time: Eastern (GMT -05:00)
Registrant Company: Primus Telecommunications Canada Inc.

416-855-8111 is a Landline phone number operated by the company named Primus Telecommunications Canada Inc. and is located in the city of Toronto, Ontario. Please check general information, community rating and reports about this phone number. Don't forget to leave your rating and comment about this number, to help us improve our community database. The fact that a phone number is published in here does not automatically mean that it belongs to any predefined category. We would highly recommend using phone books, yellow and white pages, social networks, or other public resources as an additional source to get more accurate information of phone number 4168558111.

Comments for 4168558111

#1 Scam call

This number calls here 10-15 times a day for last fourteen days (on call cube ) left message once before I blocked weird accent telling me I owe taxation and will be arrested if I dont pay. SCAM dont respond!

#2 Scam suspicion

Advised they were calling from PC Master Card to offer me optional coverage (check your credit score). Asked me to provide my personal details. I advised I would not, as if they were calling me from my cc company they'd have the info. ended the call

#3 Other

Got a call from these guys...pc mastercard offering to check your credit score for a fee....scam!

#4 Telemarketer

Scam PC Financial trying to sell you Identity Protection

#5 Scam call

ask too much personal information

#6 Scam call

Lovee this site

#7 Telemarketer

I receive 1-2 calls per day for the last 30 or so days - give it a rest already! Dead air the one time I answered but good to know it's PC. I'll call them if I want/need their services.

#8 Unwanted

They have been calling everyday, twice or three times. It's pretty annoying! I am thinking of cancelling the credit card I have with them

#9 Other

never ever give you personal info to a third party. never!

#10 Other

just the fact they are leaving blank messages or dead air, says it all. if legit a message would be left if it was important for them to talk to you.

#11 Other

You’re right it is a scam because when they ask me for my address I told him you know my postal code so what’s my address you should have my address and they said hold on it’s like a robot talking and I think by accident They forgot to put the robot back and some guy was Talking with   very heavy accent was telling the address and it was wrong so I just hanged up and that’s when I new that was a scam

#12 Telemarketer

Verified with PC Financial (1-866-246-7262) that 416-855-8111 is not a scam call but a monthly credit reporting service provided by PC Financial. I declined the service because the fee was $19.99 + tax per month, which I thought was too high. They are trying to bait you into receiving the free credit report for the first month trial but you will have to call into cancel it.

#13 Scam suspicion

PC Financial SCAM! They want you to provide them with personal information for them to extend credit limits.

#14 Scam suspicion

They say they're from Master Card, but the call display doesn't show anything, so obviously they are scammers. Be careful with them, they just want to steal your information...

#15 Unknown

PC financial 3rd party company wanting to do a credit check and sell you some worthless protection.

#16 Other

I think my name and phone number is also on ALL telamarkers anoying list usely early in the morning or at dinner time  5-6pm

#17 Scam suspicion

Received a call from this number this morning.  They have been calling me every day for the past week.  Out of curiosity I decided to pick up the phone and see why they are calling.    They claimed they were calling from the PC Optimum program to offer me a « family saving program ». They knew my first name.  Right away I could tell it was a robot calling, and when I said I did not feel comfortable speaking to a robot they said ok great and continued to speak with the robot voice.  When the robot tried to sell me the ‘family saving program’ I told them I am not interested and started to hang up the phone.  While I was hanging up the phone I could hear the robot still talking and trying to sell me the product.  I blocked the number right after and called PC financial to confirm.   They told me this number is not any of the numbers that belong to PC financial or the PC optimum program.   They do have a company that offers credit card protection, but this number is not connected to the company they use.  They told me THIS IS A SCAM.   And the people on the message board claiming this is not a scam, are part of the scam.  Avoid this number, if you see it don’t pick up and block it right away.

#18 Scam call

This number calls here 10-15 times a day for last 2 weeks (on call block) left message once before I blocked weird accent telling me I owe taxes and will be arrested if I don't pay. SCAM don't reply!

#19 Other

Just got a call from this number :(
I suspect that answering calls like these (there is NEVER anyone at the other end of the line) is the reason I've been billed for calls that I never made!

#20 Other

I received my first call from that number today but it was only dead air. Oddly though, it was on my work number rather than the home number PCMC has on file.

#21 Other

clog their mail box with dead air, block it, block  you number when doing so!

#22 Other

Use punctuation, it would make it much easier to read. Just a suggestion dont take it personally

#23 Other


#24 Scam call

Unknown caller

#25 Scam suspicion

Just called me saying from PC master credit card.lady trying to tell me important things such as identity and antivirus etc that is talking fast for no specific result. Also a call about half hour ago from Walmart rewards but she mention the Visa card and later call the card Master card. . Walmart it is no never VISA They are Crooks using the information for themselves or sell to third parties I told them both that i can not reply on a extensive and multi-dimensional  information in a short time Also told them that if they have a simple and short question I can handle it  Also told them to send me in email so I can figure out what it is all about you are telling me, and that I am not good for hearing but only reading. One thing I know they do know their taget.

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Constant call- no answer or message left.


Calling faking to become CRA and needing information, accusing of fraud.

They will not say who they are if you call them back unless you give them information, so clearly not legitimate... Tip: if you are frustrated with these scammers calling you simply answer them once and ask as many dumb questions as you can think of, once you waste enough of their time they usually stop calling, plus its fun to mess with them back!!!

call is automatically transferred to a message of a Chinese lady's voice that claims to be from Chinese embassy about a file waiting to be picked up.

I tried to call my voicemail but it randomly started calling this number

Just got a call from this number too. What the heck?

was china talking

Automated voice send you to prison.

Revenue Canada scam signaled criminal charges have been put re Income Tax fraud

Call pretending to be from the tax department of The Canada Revenue Agency. Threatening there is a case and lawsuit beginning under my name. If I didn't call back The Canada Revenue Agency would issue an arrest warrant. Scam message used the grammar of a grade 4 student. Her maybe I could pay them with iTunes cards? Just kidding.

Sounded like a scammer with a Russian Accent.
I guess Russian mafia is taking over.

Angie Angie86 www.hookupincanada.com

This number (+12267753024) called me on the 11-7-2020, and the caller said she was calling from Canadian immigration and I am suspecting scammers. Is it real because she asked me about my banking informations. Please feed me back on this email address:VisitVOA@hotm***.co.uk instantly, thanks.

my phone identified the number as a potential fraud.  I believe PRA group is a collection agency

Credit bureau my a...
They call and knew my complete name, have they nothing else to do?
Where does this ends?

Soooooo annoying

the number that called me was 647 952 2426
he uses a script and if you interrupt the script at anytime he cuts off the script and starts speaking.
I told the guy he's scamming people and it's not right what he's doing... he kept telling me nice things like have a great day and asking me for contributions etc...  this guy must be making a fortune praying on and intimidating other people by using the OPP (ontario police association) as a means to intimidate others into giving, because people get that intimidated feeling when they hear "police" and they think they did something wrong so automatically they want to show that they are good citizens so they donate..

I told the guy straight up he's a scammer and he should stop doing what he doing.
what are ya gonna do, scammers gonna scam.

i dont know this number and have no debts with this company

one way phone number

this is a prostitutes number

I received that same call, with a bot' voice telling me I will be arrested if I don't return the call blah blah blah (and certainly they would ask me for all my details if I was to actually return the call)
BUT ... The departement of justice here in Quebec MUST call in Quebecois-French first, so that message in English can not be genuine,
And the call comes from 011 613 288 1566 meaning it's a Unitedstatian caller, and therefore cannot be any Canadian department of whatever.

CRA Scam. Don't pick up the call.

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