Toronto, Ontario (ON)

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Area Code: 416
Prefix (NXX): 364
Calling outside U.S.: +14163641114
City: Toronto
State: Ontario
Usage: Landline
Local Time: Eastern (GMT -05:00)
Registrant Company: Bell Canada

416-364-1114 is a Landline phone number operated by the company named Bell Canada and is located in the city of Toronto, Ontario. Please check general information, community rating and reports about this phone number. Don't forget to leave your rating and comment about this number, to help us improve our community database. The fact that a phone number is published in here does not automatically mean that it belongs to any predefined category. We would highly recommend using phone books, yellow and white pages, social networks, or other public resources as an additional source to get more accurate information of phone number 4163641114.

Comments for 4163641114

#1 Other

The first call I got said it was from a restricted number, and the guy just kept saying "Bueno" (Spanish for hello) as I repeated that he has the wrong number.  Same thing a minute later, only his phone number showed up that time.

#2 Other

recieved a call from this number.  it was a relative calling from another country from a cell phone.  not sure why it showed up with this number from canada, but they were not in canada.  maybe the carrier goes thru there????  at least now i know who it is

#3 Unknown

Some Asian idiot called me claiming to be Sameer from StarTelecom. He was claiming to provide excellent long distance rates (and I mean EXCELLENT rates). But I asked him to provide me a detail letter stating the rates, company info, representative info and company contact details (like website and toll free number). I received the email but firstly the email was marked SPAM by gmail and then the email address that was in the FORM field of the email was some custom YAHOO email address. When the person called back (but this time it was from UNKNOWN number), I told him that I wanted their website address of the company and he said he'll get back to me. He wanted my credit card info to sign me up for the good rates but I insisted not to give the number unless and until I receive proper emails from them with their website info. BE CAREFUL... DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR CREDIT CARD DETAILS over the phone unless it's a legit company. RESEARCH A LOT on the internet before making a decision to sign up. Good luck and I hope these idiots get caught before this becomes an industry wide practice!

#4 Other

411info reports this as a "landline" phone in Toronto, Canada
Based on above comments, it's likely someone spoofing the phone number.

People who reported possible Western Union connection, I'd report it to WU. Appears that SOMEwhere in the transaction chain they may have a leak. Perhaps with info from 2 separate parties they can better focus on where it's happening.

#5 Other

Multiple calls from this number - guy spoke Spanish and would not speak a word of English to let me know what the call was about.

#6 Other

I read a comment about someone thinking this may link to western union, because they had sent money the night before... I recieved a call the day after I used western union speed pay to pay my mortage payment.It seems to me like either western union is selling #'s or they have been compromised. please forgive my grammer!

#7 Other

Rec'd call from 416-364-1114 caller id showed out of area; very rude AA woman asked who would handle our company's retirement plan.  I told her we already have someone taking care of that and are not looking for anyone at this time.  She very rudely told me, "I did not ask that, now who..." I hung up on her rude self.  Immediately received call from: 305-356-9999, caller id shows North Dade, same AA woman who said I was very rude to hang up on her...so I hung up on her again! Ha!  She called again twice from both numbers, I just put her on ignore.  Idiot.

#8 Other

Mumbling in background, strong accent. Asking if the Lady of the House was available regarding mortgage. Very suspect.

#9 Other

Wow, so I got a call from the same number and the man spoke spanish, asking me if I was waiting for someone from mexico, I was like um, no he didn't say anything just hung up.

#10 Other

Everyone should give each other a break. These are hateful comments and we don't need more of that.

#11 Debt collector

This is Alliance One. Their tactic is to call from different phone numbers in Caller id's from different states, hoping to trick you to answer the call.

They call me with different caller ID's. Some of the numbers they call me from are below;

(416) 364-1114  ( Caller ID-Torento Canada

(646) 649-8844

(866) 861-8471

#12 Other

416-364-111420100212411info reports this as a "landline" phone in Toronto, CanadaBased on above comments, it's likely someone spoofing the phone number.People who reported possible Western Union connection, I'd report it to WU. Appears that SOMEwhere in the transaction chain they may have a leak. Perhaps with info from 2 separate parties they can better focus on where it's happening.

#13 Other

I had the same experience -- when I picked up the phone, no one answered.

#14 Other

My husband got a call from this number 5 minutes ago. All he kept saying was "I don't understand a word you're saying". After he hung up, when I asked him who it was, he said some guy with an accent-probably a telemarketer or a scammer. I called back the number, and all it said was, your call cannot be completed as dialed. They can call us, but we can't call them?????

#15 Unknown

Phone rang at 10:10 am on Oct 8/09 and went to voicemail leaving a message that sounded like a fax machine.I have been getting calls from "Unknown" fax numbers since April and this is the first time that a actual number has shown on call display.

#16 Other

after i answered, the machine apparently rang the caller, and I got a voice (not sure if it was recorded) speaking, apparently Korean.

#17 Unknown

Unknown caller.  Calls daily.

#18 Other

I just had a call from a larry banks from  NY with an Indianai acceptent or pakastanish  saying he wanted to buy my timeshare. He called me at work and I do not give that nunber out so questioned where he got the number and he stated from a friend who looked it up on the internet-that is completely scary. He said he would call me tomorrow if his friend thinks the time share is good and he would like to buy some timeshares.

#19 Other

This number keeps calling me, when I answer, they say nothing.

#20 Prank

Does anyone know who the hell this is? I think it is another one of those [***] mexicans that are playing pranks on people.

#21 Telemarketer

I like to answer these calls and speak with a rep. I tell them how interested I am in their product or service.

When they ask for payment, I tell them to hold on, then I put the phone down and just wait.  The reps start calling into the phone, nicely at first, and then they get very frustrated. I had one rep calling into the phone for over 10 minutes..."hello, are you there, are you there, hello..."

I finally came back and started laughing at him. He was pissed and I had a good laugh.

If a person wants to be a bottom feeder in life, well,that's their choice. I never signed an agreement that I had to be polite to these low-lifes.

Next time they call you and try to waste your time, get even have a laugh at their expense.

#22 Other

Toronto, Canada
Bad enough we have enough solicitors in the USA calling, now we're getting them from Canada too!

#23 Scam call

Received a call from (416) 364-1114 today and he knew my name it is weird because I don't know anyone in Toronto, Canada and he spoke Spanish so just hanged up and disconnected my phone the rest of the day. Don't give any info dam scammers.

#24 Scam call

I got a call today from this number. The man spoke spanish and was Mexican accent (I know this because I am bilingual and know plenty people from Mexico).  The individual did not identify self and said wanted to speak to "the person who sent money to someone in Mexico".  My family did use Western Union the night before to send money to a family member that lives in Mexico...Is Western Union on the Mexico side leaking information????  I am sure this is a scam. Since I did not leave any information nor identified self the person hung up.

#25 Text message

Call came in through online voicemail at 5:14 EST 2009-11-13 From Canada; Toronto, ON; No message. On for one second and hung up.

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