Primary CityToronto
County (ON)
CompanyPrimus Telecommunications Canada Inc.
Phone number Complaints Last complaint
647-715-5892 20 2018-08-02
647-715-6767 1 2018-06-06
647-715-6872 15 2019-04-16
647-715-9453 5 2018-12-14
647-715-9807 13 2018-11-09
647-715-5883 1 2020-01-30
647-715-6847 1 2019-09-12
647-715-9387 1 2019-10-14
647-715-9826 1 2019-01-28

Phone numbers starting with 647-715

Continuously calls but doesn't go to VM.

Has called several times over the last few weeks.

Just got my first call from this number. A Google search (standard practice for unknowns) brought me here.

They are debt collector

647-715-5311 keeps calling twice to three times weekly, calling during working hours but no message ever and no name as to who is calling like a mane, none, blocked.
# 647-715-5311, keeps calling mid morning ............

Called and asked for a person at my business. Asked him to leave a message. Oscar Parks is what he called himself. I asked for his #, he would not provide. I have caller ID so read it back to him. He said it was a "random VOIP #" and it would not connect back to him. Weirdo!

I will be reporting to government do not call authorities

silent call

He wants to discuss the investment program he is setting up for the boss - says he has talked to him about it already. Total lie. When the boss discusses things like this, he has me set up a folder with the person's information and proposal. Then he sends the information to his accountant to make sure it is a proposal that is viable. This guy could not even pronounce the boss's last name - and it's an easy one. Didn't know our address either. If he had been here, he would. I didn't tell him - don't want him here.

Who is calling

Demanding and rude. Rep: Mark Chambers

I answered the call, he asked for the owner, said he was interested in purchasing something from the business. So i transferred him to the owner, then pitched whatever he was trying to sell to the owner.

Let the answering machine take it and they hung up.  Thank you 800 notes!  It's nice to be able to see what these callers have been up to with other people.  It's nasty when they keep calling but at least we can shun talking to them!  Absolutely love your service ??.

Answers quickly but not interested in stocks

unable to determine the purpose of the call. However, I can safely say the caller did not know the person he was trying to call.

repeat caller

Rude and hung up

Asked for a person who didn't even live here... l just called the number now (11:46 pm) and the message said the person at extension 5 is on the phone...when l answered l asked what it was in relation to...he said financial products,  l told him not interested...but l had to tell him numerous times.

told them we're not interested.. in whatever they're peddling...

Absolutely wretched fraud. Trying to say they are a bank and need all your info.  Hang up.