Primary CityToronto
County (ON)
CompanyFido Solutions Inc.
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416-887-0127 3 2019-04-15
416-887-0572 1 2019-05-26
416-887-7456 1 2019-08-02

Phone numbers starting with 416-887

Been diagnosed with cancer and you are eligible for free cancer test press one and talk to cancer specialist or press two to remove this number from our list.  MEDICAL SCAM !

I just got the letter in the mail and all of this sounds too familiar.  Thanks for your input!  Stupid Scammers!
Check for $3980.00 / Michael Quest / Rhonda Scott etc...

YES! I got a 'scam' letter from HR consult financials, today in my mail with sprint logo on envelope and a canada postage paid.. letter stating that I won $80,000 and to deposit $2,500 and to wired them  $1,500! Yes, to good to be true... SCAM!!!! I hope people read and search the net before they run to their bank!!!!

Yes it is!
That check will bounce and the bank will come after you!
And the SCAMMER will run off with the money!

Listen up!  This is a SCAM!!!!  I called PHD and was told that someone stole their bank info and printed a bunch of fake checks to go with this sweepstakes scam.  This is not a legitimate sweepstakes.  IF it was, you wouldn't need to send anybody any money.  The IRS takes theirs BEFORE they send out ANYTHING.  Throw that envelope in the trash and don't give it another thought.

angry, did you receive a check in the mail, saying you had won $150,000.00 in the uk lottery, also they sent me a check for $3980.00, i'm to deposit the $3980. and $1995.00 is for the taxes, i have to send the $2000.00, from the $3980. before the rest is sent to me, is this a scam??

came marked with home depot on the envelope. PHD, LLC 995 kennedy blvd., suite 46 orlando,fl 32810-6140

regions bank -georgia

agent: michael quest

promotion manager rhonda scott

it takes real jerks to do some low down dirty shameful things to others, there are some of struggling with three jobs or working extra hard to make it, then a low life out of no where causing more pain and misery. just another scum with a murky future. just filled with empty promises.

Received letter dated 10/25/11 stating I was a winner of $150,000.  A Check was enclosed for $3980 with taxes due of $1995 US Dollars. The Claim Agent was Michael Quest - sound familiar!

I got a letter say the same thing to expedite the processing, check inclosed in the ampont of $49995.00 which is part payment of your winning being sent to you the sole purpose of this check is to enable you to pay for the applicable government taxes and insurance on your big winnings. You are required to pay a total sum of $1995.00 for the Govt. TAx. This amount is to be paid through western union directly to the tax agent assigned to you his name is Mr. Deen Mash when the winning is processed you will receives your final check a Lump Sum payment of $245,005.00 this amount will be sent to you the next day after you have deposited the check to your bank in the amount of 4995.00 and which we will take the $1995.00 for governemt tax and fedex will deliver the remaing lump sum of $245,005.00. Also [lease do not attempt to use the check until you call. You are advised to contact you claim agent immediately for futher clarification as indicated. Jacqueline Ryback (Promotion manager).

Scam!!! My mother was sent a letter aswell How is it that these letters are being sent? How is it that there getting our information?? this is pretty scarry.. please inform me as much info to protect my parent's from some sort of Identity Fraud..

Received the same letter with a check for $3,980.  The letter urges me to keep this winning CONFIDENTIAL until your claim has been processed and your cash remitted to you as this is part of our security protocol and to avoice double claiming or unscrupulous acts by non participants taking advantage of this program.  REALLY????  The unscrupulous act is the letter and check.  Claim Agent is Michael Quest.

I got the same thing. I would like to find the SOB'S that have time to sent out these letters and scam people.

It's a scam.  They have been calling me literally for years. I block their number every time they call.  Very fustrating.

idiot moron calling whining about air duct cleaning.  get a real job

I take the call and they just say F* words.

I received a call from this number 416--887-9521 at 7:13 pm today Dec 27-2018

I missed a call on December 27, 2018. No voicemail.

Called me on my cell at work.  Hung up before I could answer.

I received a call Feb 12 2019....picked up they hung up definitely a scammer/telemarketer.

I picked and they hanged up