Primary CityToronto
County (ON)
CompanyRogers Communications Canada Inc. (Wireless)
Phone number Complaints Last complaint
416-846-2107 1 2020-02-05
416-846-7934 1 2019-12-18
416-846-9364 1 2020-10-19

Phone numbers starting with 416-846

Good answer from doogie; I believe it, because the phone number is "unlisted". If the phone number was taken by the PC Party, I don't think they'd get an unlisted number. Only someone who wants to make mischief.

Got this call on my office phone. Same as everyone; no answer.

Caller display showed as follow: s"416-846-5547"

With the s and brackets...  weird

Appears to be political party calling without identifying ... Very annoying repeat calls.

This is a Liberal tactic to get you mad at the PC party.  Easy as 1-2-3.

1) Setup an auto dialer to dial random numbers and hang up.
2) When the caller calls back - Get a person to record a fake message that this is the Supporter Services of the Ontario PC Party please leave a message.  Oh ya, make sure to get a person with a nice voice to further aggravate the caller.
3) Turn loose the auto dialer on the world.  Let The Good Time Roll, and once in a while listen to the messages to see how well the negative campaigning is working.

“Wag the Dog” people – Anything goes these days.  Spin-doctors are at work here.

If you want to make a difference don’t get mad at the PC party, report the number that is doing all the calling to the CRTC.  They will fix them.


Two calls today - one in the morning, one early afternoon.  I didn't answer - it's Sunday for crying out loud!

This number is a call is from the PC Party of Ontario.  I was a former provincial PC supporter when Mike Harris was in power.  I have come to regret that vote for PC so many years ago.

Agree with Doogie - possibly fake "Ontario PC Party".
Short research gives you more info

Exchange:  416-846 (Rogers Wireless)
Line Type:      Cellular

PC Party should track this number down and check WHO IS PLAYING.

Calls every day with hangups... called to get taken off the list, we'll see if that happens.

Got the same call.
I did not bother to pick up the phone and they did not bother to leave a message.

I got a call at 2:29 pm on Monday February 22, 2010.  I didn't reply as I was in a meeting. Then the same number called me just 15 minutes ago, I answered and there was a busy signal, and just five minutes ago, it happened again.  ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!

These jerks have phoned me several times over the past few days. It's blocked in my Panasonic phone, so it automatically hangs up on these jerks.

Asked for my husband when I asked what it was regarding the guy seemed to get a little irritated(by the change of the tone of his voice).  He responded "It is about the election in October".  I was waiting for an important phone call and told him so then hung up.

Just got a call today

Caller id and caller company same.  416-846-5547 -- "416-846-5547"
Caller ID: 416-846-5547
Caller: "416-846-5547"

Got a rude person today phoneing from the Toronto area representing the PC party.This call
was at 12:20 hrs..

Didn't you know that the gov't exempted political parties from having to abide by the Do Not Call list.

How convenient, eh?

That is good but the number was 846 not 847...

Calls every single day

This is a scam.  They don't represent the PC party.  I became suspicious when they put me through to a "closer" who tried to get my credit card number for a donation.  I contacted the Canadian Fraud Centre and they confirmed this number has been used in the "Grandfather scam" and a Microsoft scam.  I e mailed the Ontario PC Party with the info.

many agravating rings on the holiday weekend to unlisted number. if this is in Tim Hudek don't vote for him.

Don't vote for him! Call is from the Tim Hudak Campaign - PC Party of Ontario leadership candidate. They just won't stop with the calls.