Primary CityToronto
County (ON)
CompanyRogers Communications Canada Inc. (Wireless)
Phone number Complaints Last complaint
416-845-2104 1 2020-07-23

Phone numbers starting with 416-845

taped message

Just got a call as well from that number and 5 last week but did not answer them except for today. Approx. 10 second after I answered today, the lady said hello and she hung up. Tried calling that number back but it's not a valid number.

Called from a noisy room, knew my name, but had a very strong accent. I tried to make out what they wanted, and told them to speak clearly, then they hung up.

called a few times, tried calling back no answer, straight to voicemail, Zangza Imports

Just got a call from this number. I usually check on here before answering unknown numbers but I picked up this call since I was waiting for a call regarding some service. This clearly wasn't that as there was no answer or sound. The caller hung up after about 5 seconds.

They are looking for Marilou. I said "speaking" then hung up. I called this number for check up but its always busy.

Asked for me but caller had strong accent. Didn't know who it was. Don't know anyone with strong accent.

Called my cell, but I missed the call.  When I called back, there was a message saying "the voicemail box for Zangza Imports was full.  Or what sounded like "Zangza".  Hard to tell.  Suspect it's a scam.

I have been getting many calls from Toronto (I don't live in Toronto or even Ontario) and they are all the same. Silence when I answer, then after about 10-20 seconds, there is a scrambled noise and then disconnected. If I call back, the number is not in service. Getting slightly annoying.

I think it telemarketing

just received one ????????????????

Received a call from this number, didn't leave a voicemail.

Just got a call moments ago. I picked my phone upside down by accident so I hit decline rather than answer. Very glad that happened after searching here. Never seen the number before.

Called my cell I answered. They were promoting lower interest rates on credit cards. I hit 1 to talk to someone out of curiosity, since I hate these telemarketers. A guy answered and I said put me on your do no call list. Guy said no and hung up on me. I've since blocked the number on my cell. I don't know why Canada was calling a Massachusetts cell phone- if it was even Canada. The number was most likely  spoofed. It bothers me greatly all these telemarketing calls. I'd love to know who is selling our cell numbers.

They called on my cell phone this AM there was no one responding.

Called my cell - i did not answer /declined the call seeing that caller id was Toronto and I am US.

Same as above...saw Ontario (Canada) declined the call...how do these people get our numbers

Didn't answer, but message was left.  Recorded message saying to contact them regarding lowering your credit card debt interest.  Don't have any credit card debt, so obviously bogus call.

Called my cell, came up Ontario, no message left.

Called my cell, Caller ID said Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Sent it to VM. I'm in US & know no one in Canada. No message left.