Primary CityToronto
County (ON)
CompanyRogers Communications Canada Inc. (Cable)
Phone number Complaints Last complaint
416-840-7859 2 2020-02-03
416-840-7898 1 2017-12-04

Phone numbers starting with 416-840

extorsion,over charge....;-(

Tentative de fraude et d'extorsion-----------


how did they get to know me by name............suspicious, ain t it.........

Answered the call but no one talked to me. Who ever it was he or she did not talk. I talked but no response. After a few seconds who ever it was just hung-up on me. I called back the number but got a response that the number in question is not in service.

Same here from a Chinese speaking person blocked

Same happened to me too

Extorsion------  Fraude---tentative

Several calls made to my cell, each time answered but no response by the caller, discontinued the call.

called twice at different days so far, I didn't answer.

This number belongs to "Canadian Feed the Children." I missed a call from them today when I was in class, but just called to see who it was.

I just called them back and left a message with my number telling them sorry but I'm not interested and noted that they have called EVERY DAY for the last 2 weeks... Ridiculous!!! There is no need to be that incessant... I would rather give my money to someone of my choosing than a charity who calls every single day!  If they call back, charity or not, I will threaten to press charges! I have had it...

this number calls 6 - 7 times per day. when i call back i get a fast busy signal.....

Called seven times today. In fact two of their calls were in the same minute!!
Not cool!

Panasonic Call Block - gotta love it!

Feed the Children calling, ignoring the do not call registration for our numbers.

Use call block if you have it on your phone (Panasonics) and/or call your phone provider to complain

Callers may try to over ride your objections because they have a "business relationship" eg: a company like Sears can call you if you have purchased there and have a warranty on file

Not sure if this applies to a charity, especially if you have not donated to the charity for many years??

They are callling several times a day.  Annoying!

Some guy keeps calling. Who is it and what do they want?

Several calls from this number at different times of day or evening. It is an abuse of my privacy and my tel. number. They aren't the only ones. In 3 weeks I rec'd 30 calls from different numbers and 2 of those days I rec'd 5! I want it all stopped.

many calls; no answer when I pick up the call

Why do you keep calling me? Who are you and what do you want?