Primary CityToronto
County (ON)
CompanyIristel Inc.
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Phone numbers starting with 416-800

This number comes from Toronto, Ontario. I don't answer unknown numbers and they left no message. Have missed calls from them on my mobile, was trying to dig some info on the internet before calling them back, but found nothing, no luck. People pls did someone answer this number, who is it?

Hey guys don't assume that the number displayed is always a valid number.
The scammers use software that generates a fake number display.
It can actually be a non-existent number or even someone's home number, and they by the way have no way of knowing that their number was hi-jacked by the scammer.

woman i am calling on behave of hydro one
and how are you doing today

called in the evening around 8pm didn't answer and no vice message was left.

Rogers is one of the top 3 here in Toronto. The top 3 being, Rogers, Bell and Telus. Iristel is soo tiny it doesn't even show up as fair game. The next ones down from the top 3 are carriers like Freedom, Shaw, and Cogeco. Below that are Satellite networks.

The qualifications of being the top 3 are by subscribers, then they have 5M plus members, with the next down at 1M members. The next below that start in the 100,000 range. Even satellite has over 20,000 subscribers with the lowest of the satellite networks being 5,000.

If Iristel is a competitor, then they have less than a 5,000 client base and though they would like to think of themselves as a Rogers competition, Roger's couldn't care less. Or maybe you said they are a competitor... they are not.

Called Sunday am ... as I did not recognize the number, I did not answer it.  No message was left on my voice mail.  When Googled, this number shows up as belonging to Iristel Inc, a subsidiary of Manitoba Telephone, operating in Ontario - this info notes that the number while owned by Iristel, may have been sold to one of their customers as a VOIP number.  Therefore I am guessing this is a sales call.  Note... I said guessing!

According to yellow pages 416-800-2068 is a Landline phone number operated by Iristel Inc. , a competitor of Rogers  located in the city of Toronto in ON
Telemarketer, scam

Who is using this number?

Received a call said they were from Hydro One Friday evening at 8:45 April 24th asking if I would survey.  Sorry not interested and hung up.....

Called last night at about 8:30. Didn't recognized the number, didn't answer. No voice left.

woman said she was from Innovated Research Group and she was conducting a survey on ESA (Electrical Safety Board)

air duct cleaning

debt collector

Don't know who this was. Don't care. I don't pick up #s I don't recognize. If it's a real, legitimate call they will leave a non-robo message and I can decide to call back or not. These kinds of calls ***ONLY*** continue because people stupidly pick up the phone without checking caller ID first.

Received several calls from this number over the past week.
Number is unknown to me, so I do NOT answer.
No messages left.
I can only assume it's a cell phone number but, if so, why do they
continue to call when my call answering invites a message?

If it's Mayor Ford's callers, then they wake up and look up how to make courteous calls.  It doesn't involve repeated calls with no messages.

Goes to voicemail as I do not answer numbers I do not know. They left no message.

Number called a couple of times over the past couple of days in early Dec/2013. Never leave a message. I hate that. Going to start blocking. :-)

Did'nt live the message in voice mail

This is a campaign call centre out of Toronto.