Primary CityToronto
County (ON)
CompanyBell Canada
Phone number Complaints Last complaint
416-748-3132 1 2018-06-29
416-748-0750 1 2017-11-15

Phone numbers starting with 416-748

Call from 416-748-0856. # registered to Toronto Taxpayer Coalition. No message left, however; they have no reason to call my number since I live in Ottawa. If they are calling for Doug Ford..............why???

Had more than one caller from this number but when I am home I just pickup and hang up. Can't be bothered listening to phone ringing until machine picks up. I know they are scammers of some kind.

Called 2 x and both times, no message, no noise, just blank, and then hang up.  After second call, which I did not answer, Rogers called from their 1-888-764-3771.  Immediately I asked for his employee number, as I have 3 services with Rogers, and I don't qualify for any deal, and they just waste my time.  He then hung up.

*laughs* Just reading this - are you like a member of the Liberal Party.  Thanks for the chuckle turning your post into an anti-PC rant. FYI - Liberals have been far worse than anyone.

Calls itself a research firm called "ERG National Research"  but given the multiple identities based on othrrr's experience, it is a SCAM. Don't answer!!!

They called during the stanley cup playoffs, and didn't leave a message.

got a call from this number, than 3 more from a slightly different number.  in all cases, no message left and whoever calls just hangs up. Suspect it is spam!

Message left.stupid sounding voice mumbling something about “who would make the best ...” balance unintelligible .

got a call from this number,claiming to want to conduct a survey,tried to explain,i was watching a hockey,kept on talking,i again said I was into a hockey Game.same thing ,then I realized,i was talking to a robot.Expressed myself
and hung up.

Call, no message, added to block list!

Called at dinner time!  Never pick up calls I don't recognize the #.  Always Google tho!  I appreciate being able to go to these sites and get info on all these creeps that invade our privacy day in and day out!  If we could, we would get rid of our phone, its that annoying!

(416) 748-0856 is a landline number based in Canada.

It is operated by Fibernetics Corporation.

Owner Name : TORONTO, ON

Carrier : Fibernetics Corporation

Country : Canada

Didn't pick up but my phone had been swamped with calls from the PC party. I suspect it was them -- AGAIN. I asked them to take me off the list.

no one on other end

Everyone in Etobicoke and those who went to Scarlet Heights or Etobicoke Collegiate know how Doug Ford was a dr*g dealer. Their gravy train kick is a joke, and he sure isn't for the people than seeking popularity through sheer stupidity with that big dumb grin and grade 3 dialect and awareness.

To dmts and others:  I emailed Rogers about this phone number and was told it wasn't one of theirs.  They suspect also a scam, phishing for personal information.  They've called here so many times I have '3771' committed to memory and I don't answer.

Called at 8:30pm, omly number on Call Display. Was expecting a call, so answered and got thr 'dead sir' of an auto-dialer. As I was hanging up,  a woman's came on that I do not know. Clearly some sort of solicitation.  The earlier post - this is a group that promotes a hard right Conservative Agenda in Ontario. After the Mike Harris years, I will never support their agenda. Government is not-for-profit and is accountable for every dollar spent; there is no 'fat'. Taxes pay for your public services; you elect to cut taxes, you reduce public services.  My guess is they want donations to support the Conservative Party agenda in the upcoming Ontario election. I can't believe who they chose as leader (as if the older brother wasn't bad enough)!

Call came at 8:45pm Sept. 5/19. Didn't recognize number, no name shown. Let it go to answering machine where a robot political survey started. Stopped, then deleted the recording.

I was expecting a call so I answered the phone.   On my second hello, when no one answered, I was just about to hang up when a woman’s voice announced she is with the Prigressive Conservatives and had a short survey for me. I said I had no time and hang up.

Well it was just a poll call with NDP leanings... so not sure where the guy above is talking about