Primary CityToronto
County (ON)
CompanyRogers Communications Canada Inc. (Wireless)
Phone number Complaints Last complaint
416-628-4932 1 2019-11-14
416-628-0841 1 2017-11-15
416-628-1428 1 2019-11-21
416-628-3600 1 2017-11-15
416-628-7162 6 2020-09-30

Phone numbers starting with 416-628

Calls my cell. How did they get my cell number I do not know!

Debit consolidation automated call.  Press 1 for an attendant.

They 'claim' to be a debt reduction service.

They called me today (Nov 24th) and I called them back.  They 'claimed' that received my number from one of my credit card companies as a client who permanently carries a balance and may need credit help.

I have several credit cards (PC MasterCard, RBC Visa, TD Visa, Scotia Hockey Visa) and all have a 0 balance and get paid off in full each month, in fact I don't think I've failed to pay off a credit card bill since the late 80s.

Since they did call me at work, I assume that PC MasterCard is the culprit, and I've only used that card once in the 2 years I've had it.

my friend they will call you back gain on christmas day to promote their whatever.....
i have tried many times.....same guys have different numbers......something like mass emailing....

Got this call today (5th time in the last week) and did not answer due to the info above. Likely a scam. Pre-recorded autodials should be banned. Outrageous.

These dumb [***] debt consolidation automated phone calls can [***] off!! I received 5 calls and voice messages with their annoying message within the past 2 days.  [***] idiot uncle [***]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

About 20 min. ago this number called my cell. I pressed 1 for an attendant to voice my displeasure at being bothered by this on a Saturday evening but got another recording telling me to hit another number.  Hit that number and got recording saying how sorry they were that all their agents were busy.  I hit 9 to be taken off their call list. (yeh right!)

also got the call. telemarketer.. i don't know how they got my #?

I filed a complaint at the link above.

Just got this call.  Reported it here:

Hey you [***] headds at 416 628-0881 - why don't you call your stupid mother? She is soo [***] stupid and [***] - that's why you have [***] in your [***] head

just had a call from them......not the first time. I have press the option 1 in the past - not to rec any further calls-But I still got this call. All of you pls do one thing.....call these idiots and give [***] to their mamas!! just give this number to all the credit card companies as an alternate number to reach you.
may be they will stop calling us.....had it with these s*ckers....

I just got a call. Put them on the reject list.

This Number Called My Cellphone And A Prerecorded Message Played Regarding Debt Reduction Services With Options To Press 1 For More Info, Or Press 2 To Be Removed From The List.

I received a call from this number on my cell. A prerecorded message played regarding debt reduction services with options to press 1 for more info or press 2 to be removed from the list. Note that I don't have any credit card.

Just got a call. I have a PC MasterCard, a TD Visa and MBNA MasterCard


Received calls from 416=628-1895 3 times in the last few days.  On call display it shows the no in large type and below in small type.  I never answer and they never leave a message.  Today, I will block their calls.

This number called me sept 16 in vancouver.  Glad to have found this page and find out that it was a telemarketer so I don't actually try to call it back.

call came in aug 18 at 942am from this number. this is one of the few times they said my 'surname' and then said they were calling about 'windows'. i said immediately to 'please take my number off the calling list' and the man said he would??? I get way too many calls regarding these scams on computer viruses so i am really careful and give no information to these callers. same number called aug 8 at 10:48am.  in addition to these two calls I have had other scammers call aug 5, 6, 8th 13th 16th and 17th around 1050am twice, 245pm , 3pm, 417pm  and 911pm usually about 'computer viruses'  and very pushy or else and sometimes about my winning something. if i am home i ask them to take my number off their calling list. This month they have been responding to my request with a 'yes' which is unusual for them.