Primary CityToronto
County (ON)
CompanyBell Mobility
Phone number Complaints Last complaint
416-556-4510 1 2018-06-21

Phone numbers starting with 416-556

Just got this message "Hi its Tracy, remember me? I think I just saw your profile! Is that really you? - http://fmo***.com/lw/?18iiggnj to reply". Funny thing is I don't have any type of profiles for this person to refer too.

I just got this message today from this number saying "Hi, its Tracy! Remember me? I think I just saw your profile! Is that really you? Http://fmo***.com/lv/?1ld8njmg 
I would advise nobody to be curious and click that link. Irk what it leads to and im definitely not taking any chances. I just hope I don't get the message sent to my phone again, or from any other spam number.

I got a text message from this number but did not click on the link. Looks like I am changing my number.

I got a txt from this number saying "hi it's Tracy, remember me? Is that really you and then it prompted me to follow a link. Looks like I will have to change my number.

Text message said hi this is Tracy I saw your profile.  Is is really you.  Totally bogus

I got a text from this number... telling me to look up a facebook profile... but the link wasnt facebook.

Unknown caller.

They called my mobile phone.

FAKE Canada Revenue Agency Scam

Spam advertisement for a hookup site.

I also got a text 12 april 2013 11:10pm (!!!)
called me Rex
ad for funcasuals.com

Spams text messages for a hookups site.

Idiot text me this morning at 8:21am for a dating site. He calls me Simon!

got a text message from this number saying to check out about a dating site, 12:51 AM today.