Primary CityToronto
County (ON)
CompanyRogers Communications Canada Inc. (Wireless)
Phone number Complaints Last complaint
416-357-3604 1 2019-08-29
416-357-9289 1 2020-08-14

Phone numbers starting with 416-357

Spam: second last attempt to notify you, call federal agent right away, grand jury, bla bla bla

Same as everyone else, message about a grand jury case against me.

Scam. Left an automated message about a Federal Case against me.

Same as everyone above

Stated they were calling from Canada Revenue Agency, that this was their second attempt to contact me (though I have never received any previous calls from them, especially coming in to my cell phone). If I didn't call back to get in touch with a magistrate I would be charged with a federal offense.

States this was their “Last attempt to reach you” when it is the first ever call I have received from them. I was threatened to be charged with an unspecified criminal offence if I did not call back immediately to get in touch with a magistrate through them.

Just got the same message. Definitely a scam.

Spam, called from a different similar number a few days prior

I called back after receiving a message saying I am charged with a criminal offence. After speaking with the agent, she claimed it was in regards to a CRA audit and the RCMP was involved. Be aware this is all a SCAM!

Spam leaving threatening messages on a possible 'grand jury case' charge against you. Heavily automated sentence reading.

Claimed to be calling from the CRA, advising me that the RCMP had a warrant for my arrest.

Same as everyone above. I did not call back. Automoated message that makes even taking down the number hard.

Received a call just now with same threatening msg regarding federal offence and all.

Same thing for me, what a joke. These people have nothing better to do then try to scam other people. Unfortunately they do get the older generation because they don't understand and just pay.

Same as above... I'm very thankful for sites like this!

I got it too, seems a Canadian Grand Jury(?) issued an arrest warrant for me. That makes 9 now. LOL

A computerized voice left a voicemail telling me that it is illegal to evade a court appearance. This was supposedly my last warning. Definitely a scammer.

This is scam call.

This number called me but I was unable to pick up so they left me a voicemail and said this is the last warming they are calling from federal dept., when I called them back, no answer

CRA is coming to take me away ha ha he he to the funny farm
if I don't call back and give them my credit card number pfft
I did call, but they do NOT accept collect calls.  hmmm