Primary CityToronto
County (ON)
CompanyBell Canada
Phone number Complaints Last complaint
416-233-2996 1 2019-05-03
416-233-8612 2 2020-09-17
416-233-9386 1 2020-07-06

Phone numbers starting with 416-233

Got call from this number several times in the past week. Always around the same time in the evening.  I didn't answer and they never left voicemails. I called the number always occupied.

I an in Newfoundland and this number called our home three times this evening after 5:00 p.m. The third time, which was at 8:52 Newfoundland time, I picked up. A woman asked for my mother (by her first name only). I told her she no longer lives at this phone number and hung up on her. I smell a scam...

I just got the same phone call 416-233-0047

I said hello 3 time, no answer (i couyld hear in the back noise like a busy place.  I called back, it was busy.  later on i tryied again, after 2-3 ring, it got disconnected. then it was busy again

any way

Hang up from this number

A guy asked for my husband by his first name.I told him he wasn't home and asked who was calling and he hung up.

same here, unavailable name and a hang up.

got this call. asked for husband by name...interesting as phone is in my name. said he belonged to an organization in the area, wouldnt tell me which one. so i hung up

Got called from this number several times in the past week.  I didn't answer and they never left voicemails.

I got a call from this number at about 6:40pm (Jan 29, 09). I picked up and there was no answer so I just put the phone down...

Just received a call from area code 416 233-0047 Jan 22nd 2009. A female and asked for me by my name and said she was doing a survey for the ROYAL BANK. Informed her I wasn`t interested and hung up. Deleted the call with Shaw.

received call at 5.33pm local time from ontario asking if I could talk a short (2 minute) survey on behalf of rbc.
Asked if I had been to my branch in the last month.I said no. they hung up.

has been calling me everyday,
never leave any messages,
When I pick up the phone there is no one on the other end. I live in Quebec.

I just got a call and the recording was 2 1/2 minutes of a girl interviewing or questioning a man about languages and politics in the gaza, where he seemed to be from. Sounded like a conversation and had background of people talking.

Got three calls last week from this number.No message. Called back and no answer. I am so tired of having to worry about people being dishonest!

416=233=0047 Doing Survey, wouldn't say who for

Didn't get the call, but the name sums it up

We did receive this call today. We didn't answer.

I found on Google that "Market Probe Canada" is a market research company. I'm not sure if it's really them but it would make sense. It's probably a survey.

Since the surveyors always call back later when they don't get an answer, we'll answer next time and say we don't want to participate. I'll come back to tell you how it went.

got a call from this number eventhough my number is unlisted. dont know how they could have gotten it, i didnt answer and there was no message

i saw this number on call display. I had a recent visit to an rbc branch, so the previous post would make sense for me.

unavailable name and number hang up when answer machine kicks in